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    Santa may have gone back to The North Pole, but it's good manners for kids to thank him for their presents.

    Make Santa come to life this Christmas AND have your family and friends laughing up their eggnog. What distinguishes this call Santa app from the rest is that you can create personalized Santa calls. We simulate an on-demand video call from Santa with your pre-recorded message. Use it to entertain, educate, or otherwise influence your kids for the entire Christmas Season. You can even use it on adults. Why not stage a call from Santa to one of you co-workers or your spouse? They may not believe it's really Santa, but the message of good cheer will come through as loud and clear as sleigh bells.

    Can't play a convincing Santa? Don't worry, you can get anyone to pre-record your Santa calls. There are also a few built-in Santa calls to get you started instantly. The first one is a call for kids that tested positively on our children. The other is a G-rated Santa comedy routine.